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I wanted to share with you some pictures of what we’ve  been doing this fall!

This year, we’re focusing on American History.

One of our first activities was to create boats and “float” them across “the ocean.” I didn’t really have time for that, so instead, the girls and I made paper boats. And then the girls decided that we MUST have Christopher Columbus on the boat. They refused to believe me that Queen Isabella didn’t join him on the boat (seriously, my girls are going to come up with a princess- theme in everything).


Queen Isabella and Christopher Columbus

When studying colonial America, we made our own Tri-Corner Hats . . .


Our Tri-Corner Tri-Color Hats!

Then we used our own Qwill Pens to practice signing our names for the Declaration of Independence!

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We also made Hasty Pudding, and decided it’s absolutely revolting.

???????????????????????????????When we have time, we add in music lessons with Mommy. We don’t get to do this as much as I and the girls would like. But here are the girls playing a concert for Daddy on their new recorders. By the way – recorders are not as easy to play as I thought! How many instruments I’ve played, and I think I might have to give myself a few lessons before we attack those again.???????????????????????????????

A Recorder Concert for Daddy Before Bedtime

We also joined American Heritage Girls! We are having a blast with that – the girls are really getting into it.


We’ve also done quite a few field trips this fall, in addition to our Colonial Williamsburg/Jamestown trip. More on those very soon.

And that’s it so far!