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It’s been a CRAZY year this year. Oh my gosh, HOW INSANE.

And of course, we decided to make it even more insane by putting our girls in Upward Sports this winter. There went our entire Saturday EVERY Saturday, for the past three months.  But they loved it. LOVED it. Sigh. At least it counts as PE, right.

i-KSKRKkD-L???????????????????????????????In the midst of all this, I’ve been working more than should be humanly possible, AND we’ve been trying to crank through as much homeschool as we could. We have a bit of a self-imposed deadline due to our upcoming move this summer – which I really don’t think we’re going to meet. Sigh. I would really love to not have to do homeschool in a hotel room and while dealing with relocating. Might not be possible though.

That truly has been the extent of our lives for the past few months. Not too much exciting to share or report.

Oh, but I have to share this cute picture. Our youngest was reading the story of Joseph in her Bible reader (My Father’s World 1st grade) and drew this picture. Notice she labeled him “Jose.” Ha! #SpanishSpeakersUnite!


Now that Upward Sports is over, I can try to catch up on all my blogging here, AND start getting ready for our move and for HEAV’s homeschool convention! You’ll be seeing a lot about that in upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!