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My very, very, first HEAV convention, I was wandering the exhibit hall alone and stopped by a table that was offering free books.

Yeah, what kinda homeschool mom would pass that up, right?

And that was my introduction to Gospel For Asia. At a table at HEAV.

Actually, I had read the book, Revolution in World Missions a few years before and it had a profound effect on how I looked at missions. And of course that was one of the books that was free!

Speaking with one of their volunteers, I felt led to become a monthly sponsor of a missionary. At first it was really more for me, but the girls and I pray for our missionary regularly and read the regular updates from the area.

Then, we started our own efforts to help. Instead of an allowance, our girls “earn money” (more in a post later about that) to put toward helping the poor in India.  So far, my girls have collected changed and earned money to purchase chickens, rabbits, blankets, and gospel tracts.

A few months later, we got ambitious and stepped it up a notch! We created a myGFA campaign and raised money for a water filter, so they could have clean water! My girls love reading about what’s needed, and they love to shop, so we look through the booklets and pick a new project on special occasions! (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.)

In fact, we are currently working on a new campaign! My girls were horrified when we read how many in India didn’t have toilets. So, we’ve been saving up their earnings money and collecting any loose change around the house to save up and buy an outdoor toilet.  I have to admit, the girls have really been doing well! I also just started an online campaign in honor of their birthdays next month so they can “watch” and see how much they’ve raised for outdoor toilets.

This all came from spending five minutes at a booth a few years ago at HEAV, and has been a tremendous blessing and addition to our homeschool experience!

Would you like to join us? You can participate in our own campaign to buy toilets in India, or start your own! I think would be especially interesting next year as we study world geography.

And I’d love to hear how you have incorporated “missions” into your homeschooling experience, or other interesting experiences due to something you learned at HEAV!