Wow, I hope you guys have had a blast so far! We have, and the Convention has hardly even started!

We started our trip with a stop at Redbox (2+ hours of PURE QUIET in the back seat = HEAVEN!) and a stop for a chocolate milkshake to improve a stressed-out homeschool mama’s mood. They both worked, and the nap I got while hubby drove helped quite a bit too! HA!

Because of the traffic on I95, we missed the Thursday afternoon session I was in, and had to rush to get to our blogger meeting. We got to meet several of the exhibitors before the doors opened this evening, and I have to say, you guys are in for a treat! I don’t know why I’m so surprised at how NICE everyone is at HEAV every year!

20140605_170815And look at some of the awesome products I’ve already snagged!

20140605_16293020140605_162828 20140605_22154320140605_163846So, I told hubby that my goal was to get all of MY shopping done tonight, so I could really focus on the convention the rest of the week.

My Shopping Assistants:

20140605_173618Our First Stop Every Year!

20140605_170245 20140605_170216After a stop at the Shatterpoint booth (an annual tradition now – we love it!), we dropped the kids at the Lego booth to play (don’t worry, we were right there) and they LOVED it. Made new friends, and played with Legos. Hubby was having a blast chatting up the different exhibitors (you guys probably saw him posting for me on my Twitter feed) and I hit a few booths. Just a few! Here is my haul so far!

Sorry the pictures aren’t the best – I took them trying to use the light from the bathroom while the munchkins were sleeping.

Math items – I swear those math facts are not going to beat me this year.

20140605_194225The grammar and spelling curriculum I was interested in isn’t at HEAV! How is that possible??? So, this is my current plan. After doing so much dry nonsense this past year, I’m looking for something FUN. I’m hoping this is it! And seriously, how does anyone really learn the parts of speech, if not for Mad Libs? The girls are going to get a kick out of those at least!

20140605_194400 At the moment, I’ve got “All About Spelling” – everyone I talked to swears by it. AND, it does say they have an “App” now. It still doesn’t look that exciting to me yet. We’ll see. I’m still on the lookout.
20140605_194439 And here are a few “extras” to go with our curriculum next year!


I was just getting into a groove when the rest of the family started to revolt,  so we had to leave.  I got everything I was planning to get (except for MAYBE doing something different with spelling, I haven’t decided), and a cursive writing curriculum, which I forgot about.

On my To Do List for tomorrow (after copious cups of coffee):

1. Buy the MP3’s! There is no way I can get into all the sessions I want to!

2. Sign up the girls to get their eyes checked at the Sam’s Club booth!

3. Check out the Silent Auction!

4. Meet with some more of the wonderful vendors!

5. Enjoy all those sessions!

6. Visit the Used Curriculum Sale!


See you guys tomorrow! Hey, if you guys see me tomorrow – stop me! Let’s see how many selfies I can take in one day!