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2014speakersKeynotesIt’s the end of day 2 of HEAV’s Convention and I am WIPED OUT.

But before we get into all of that, let’s take a quiet moment to reflect on this. My dinner. Hellooooooo Richmond!

20140606_173833Oh and it was scrumptious, thank you very much!


So, I finished my rounds through the Exhibit Hall today and the UCS as well.  Stuck to my plan pretty much and didn’t overbuy the moon. Ordered my recordings, found out one of my girls can’t see the bottom line of the eye exam and should get her eyes checked when we get home, and found my handwriting curriculum. Still not sold on the spelling curriculum that I bought, but haven’t found anything I like better.

I didn’t hit too many sessions today – I got hit by complete overwhelm by about lunchtime. Tried to stick it out, but by 4pm I was D-O-N-E. I rarely get hit hit with too much sensory input, but when I do, WOWZA. So, I’d like to share with you a few new tips I came up with today!

#1 A Good Night of Sleep is REALLY important. – Confession time. I’m not a morning person. I usually have two alarm clocks with feet that wake me up, so the times that I have to wake with a real alarm clock, I tend to sleep worse. (I keep expecting to oversleep, I guess?) And it’s a hotel bed and not MY bed. Something else I didn’t realize, one of my kids talks in her sleeps and flops around like a fish on the beach! I really could have used at least an hour more of sleep. The coffee today did NOT help me at all, which is unusual. I realize all other homeschool moms in the whole world are morning people, but I still vote everything start one hour later next year!

#2. So is a good, solid breakfast. –  I learned my lesson, once again. Don’t depend on other entities to feed me. Especially if you have food issues, like me. Ya’ll that know me know I’m gluten-free, and breakfast this morning at my hotel was okay. It seemed like enough, but I really should have eaten more protein. (Again, I blame the coffee.)  Oh, and I really didn’t pack enough snacks, and my lunch was pretty limited. So, that’s on me. I’ve already packed tons of snacks in my bag for tomorrow.

#3. Have Emergency chocolate on hand. – Really, does this need explanation?? 🙂

#4. Take breaks when you need them! I really should have just taken a break earlier. Found a quiet secluded, corner and just chilled out for a while. But instead I tried to push through. It wasn’t a good idea.

#5. It’s okay to say you’ve had enough! – Hubby and I have agreed on this several times. Convention is ONLY three days and there is SO much going on, it’s really tempting to try to do and see and get into every single thing possible, because hey, it’s only three days! Seriously, there is just no way we can do it all, so you’ve got to pick what you HAVE to do sometimes. And how much do I love my husband and he totally “got it” when I hit the wall, and made sure we got out quick and easy? (And then took me out for some awesome ribs?) He totally gets two stars for today.

#6- COOL IDEA I “INVENTED” this weekend! – Can’t decide what to buy? Stuck on several things at different booths? Use your smart phone to take a picture of the particular curriculum, then a picture of the booth with the booth number! Then, when you’ve gone back and forth and figured it out, you can look through your pictures to figure out where you want to go back to! I did that several times today! It was great!

Tonight, before bed I’m going to grab one of my new boenjoy the extra deep tub of the hotel room for a bit, then conk out early. My plan for tomorrow is to hit the My Father’s World Booth, and one or two others to check out their spelling curriculum. (I swear I’m going to find the most amazing FUN spelling program if it absolutely KILLS me.) And I’m determined to take some time and enjoy a few of the sessions. And that is it.

I wish I could take a picture for you guys to show you how cute my kids are, completely conked out on the bed – THANK YOU KID PROGRAM FOLKS!!!!!! Will you come to my house and do that every day????????????? (I hear all the moms saying a deep and hearty Amen to that one!)

Pictures around Convention today:

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“I am excited to be a blogger for HEAV this year. In exchange for sharing my honest opinion about this convention, I was provided with a family registration at no charge.”