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I’ve started to experiment using essential oils as part our homeschool experience! (And in our home as well!)

One of my dear mommy friends introduced me to doTerra. For years I’ve been watching her blog about her experience being super “granola” (that’s my word, not hers, and I do mean that as a compliment! 🙂 ).

Because she also homeschools, (and yes, also the first person I met that was a homeschooling mom!) I made sure to ask her about how she might use essential oils as part of her “classroom experience.” And of course, being a step ahead, she had already blogged about it!

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And here are a few “back to school” posts directly from the doTerra blog:

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I am just getting started with this, and I’m very excited about the opportunities this might give my family to improve our health, AND continue our homeschool time.

Because we also have ADHD in our family, I am also looking forward to seeing how this might also help us channel that amazing bundle of energy toward our schoolwork!

Now I have a few projects in mind to start with!

First of all, we used essential oil in our homemade laundry detergent. In the past, I’ve used lavender, this time we are using lemon!

I also want to make new Foaming Hand Soap. I purchased the containers at Target and have finally used up the soap that came in them. I’m thinking I will use the “On Guard” blend in these.

Also, I want to make Personal Aromatherapy Necklaces for our girls. I think this will be very useful with our homeschool work, using “InTune” for focus with ADHD, for example.  PLUS, what a great, fun craft activity when we make our own! I am even thinking of inviting over some other homeschool moms and used this as a “get to know other homeschool moms / mom night out” activity as well.

If you use essential oils in your home or in your homeschool experience, I’d like to know! What do you do?