Pippi Longstocking was one my absolute favorite books as a child, and now my girls adore it as well. Can you believe it was actually considered controversial when it came out?

We are also using this time to learn about the major parts of a story: plot, title, author, main character, and setting. As they get more comfortable with these, we will add theme. 20141210_111654 We are also learning about paragraph structure as we start writing our book reviews. First, we brainstormed on the things we liked, and then I also gave them a few sentence prompts to get things going.



Kid Reviews:

Oldest’s (age 8) Review:

Why I Like Pippi Longstocking
“I liked the book because she was super strong. Her monkey’s name was Mr. Nilsson. Her horse’s name was Alfonso. Her mother was an angel in heaven. Her father was a cannibal king. She is very funny. My favorite part of the story was that she was a good friend.”

Youngest’s (age 6) Review:

Why I Like Pippi Longstocking
“I liked the book, Pippi Longstocking, because she is very funny. I like Pippi Longstocking because she was a good friend. I like Pippi Longstocking because her father was a cannibal king. My favorite part of the story was when Pippi celebrates her birthday.”


My Review of Pippi Longstocking
Personally, I had the best time reading these books with my girls. They’re funny and silly, and I had a blast doing the voices of the different people and just being silly along with the book. There were also some moments where I stopped the story, put my mommy hat back on and we talked about why what Pippi was doing was not necessarily “ok” to do (trying to make sure the girls don’t get any ideas!). It was one of those books that we didn’t want to put down at the end of each chapter. There are a few more books in the series that I would love to take the time and read with my girls, but those will have to wait until perhaps this summer, because my book pile is growing by leaps and bounds. I highly recommend this book to everyone; I think boys will get into it as much as girls.

And here are our “final” notebooking pages!



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