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As part of our experiment with “notebooking/lapbooking,” we are learning about Sweden!


We did find two books at the library,and I found a few “world music” type CD’s that had a lot of traditional music from different countries.

Here are a few resources I’ve found:

From the Library

National Geographic Countries of the World: Sweden
Sweden (Enchantment of the World. Second Series)

Website Resources, Printouts, Videos, Etc.

A Moment in Our World – Sweden Unit Study
Memphis in May 2013- Sweden Curriculum Guide
90 Seconds In: Stockholm
Swedish Traditional Dance
Sweden tribute – Traditional Music
Lucia – a Swedish tradition (Christmas)
Christmas in Sweden
Signade Juletid – A Swedish Christmas

Book/Literature Ideas!

Read Pippi Longstocking! Fabulous book. We created our own book review of it here.

Activity Ideas!

– Make Swedish Meatballs for dinner!

– Learn about Disco! Have a dance party to ABBA music! (“Clean” videos of “Dancing Queen” here and here.)  My girls had a total blast with this! We danced to the music (I have the Mamma Mia Soundtrack because I used to be a musical theatre geek) and then we watched these videos on YouTube so they could see real Disco moves to the music!

Field Trip Ideas!

– Go to IKEA! Really! Eat in their cafeteria – order the Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes, eat some of the pastries, and buy some lingonberry jam! (You can also make this more educational and learn about the company and the company founder.)

American Swedish Historical Museum in Philadelphia, PA