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So, this year in the My Father’s World plan, we are supposed to do the “Exploring Countries and Cultures” year.

What I Like About This Curriculum:

  • It’s based on the family group learning together, which I’m a huge fan of.
  • It focuses on World Geography.
  • Also focuses on the biographies of missionaries and missionary work around the world. We have LOVED these stories, and I think this is a unique and novel approach.

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What I Dislike About This Curriculum

  • Just about everything else.

I have fought it, and fought it and fought it. I love My Father’s World, the company, the concept and the organization of it. It’s been absolutely perfect for us, until now.  I thought it was just me, but my girls started acting un-enthused for school. I thought I was going crazy, until I saw others also mention it on Facebook. It feels disjointed and choppy, my girls hate the science portion and think it’s lame. And the worksheets (country pages) just feel like worksheets for worksheets sake. We have spent the last few months going through the motions forcing this down our throats AND IT IS NOT WORKING.

Which of course started my entire freakout!

I always swore I would NOT be one of those homeschool moms. I was going to do my mountains and mountains and mountains of research in advance and be sure of everything I’m using before I buy it. (Yeah, I know. I can here you guys laughing all the way from here!)

Absolutely nothing this year has worked according to my plan. My old way of doing homeschool up to this point, DID NOT WORK NOW. And frankly, I don’t know how to homeschool (for me!) any other way than what I was doing! All my grand designs were going up in smoke.

Hubby was willing to do whatever I said we needed to do. And isn’t that frustrating, when he isn’t willing to be the bad guy? LOL

I timidly mentioned to him that our homeschool plan wasn’t working. That it felt choppy and disjointed and uncomfortable. Even those online who say they liked this year’s program admitted to heavily supplementing it. I felt discombobulated and disorganized and completely outta control.

I said this timidly, because I knew what this was going to mean. This was going to mean spending money.

But, when I told him that I needed to change things up, I think he felt relieved. He wants homeschooling to work for us, he wants for his wife to not be stressing about homeschool so much, he wants to come home to a wife and kids who are excited about what they are learning every day.

His “permission” to change, gave me the opening I needed to be willing to put this curriculum down and find another way to do school.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of this series, Mid-Year Change of Plans!