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As you read in the previous post, homeschool this year really hasn’t been clicking for us.

In November, my oldest kept asking, “Where are all the girls? Why are we only reading about boy missionaries? Can’t girls be missionaries? Why are all these stories about boys?”


I really had not noticed, but it was true. Sure, there was an occasional female in a story, but the examples in the books were primarily of boys. The missionary stories (the early ones – female stories come later in the year) were of males. And here is my 8-year-old just BEGGING for female stories, and female role models!

And no, I’m not trying to be all feminist crazy here, but isn’t my oldest right? Where are all the girl stories?

And so, I went in search of a female-focused homeschool curriculum. Not just a “Women’s History Month” or a random biography here or there, but a FULL curriculum that revolves around women’s stories and places through history.

And guess what? It really doesn’t seem to exist! (Please, if you know differently, let me know!!!)

Which of course, started me freaking out. I simply don’t have time to create the wheel from scratch! And yet, how could I do this without doing it all myself??? And what about the “world geography” focus we were supposed to be learning???

Thank you God for Facebook! I was able to get some great tips and other homeschooling mama’s calm me down. And this is when I started looking at the idea of notebooking and unit studies.

Notebooking Resources
How We Homeschool – Notebooking by Heidi St. John
Lapbooking Made Simple
Notebooking Fairy
Fifty Things to Put in a Notebook
Master Lapbooking List
Delight Directed Learning
Homeschool Share
Unit Study Database
EasyFunSchool Unit Study Index
Free Homeschool Unit Stories

So, after doing hours and hours of online searching I think we’ve come up with a plan. We are going to continue with the idea of World Geography, but using literature to do it. We’ll also be focusing on “girl” books – either role models or lead female characters.

Here are our first experience with this – reading Pippi Longstocking and studying Sweden! Next up, we are working our way through Heidi and learning more about Switzerland!

For science, I found this fabulous deal on Educents for The Human Body Detectives, and along with some great books that I have been collecting through thrifts stores and general book hoarding, I think we’ll really be able to do some great study work on the human body. I’m still working on ideas to really learn nutrition, etc correctly (not just the dumb food pyramid we grew up with), but I think the human anatomy stuff will last us quite a while.

Stay Tuned for for the final portion of this series, Part 4 of Mid-Year Change of Plans!