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As I mentioned in the last post, we have decided to change up our homeschooling experience and going to continue with the idea of World Geography, but using literature to do it. We’ll also be focusing on “girl” books – either role models or lead female characters.  This all comes from my girls’ request that we study more “girl stories.”

From what I can tell online, there doesn’t seem to be any “female-focused” homeschool curriculum – except for the “homemaking” lessons. At best, I found a few “Women’s History Month” programs.

I feel like I need to put my own personal caveat in here. Please note this is MY personal feelings and beliefs. I am a “to each their own and to what God has called them to” kinda a gal. I have loved the opportunity to be home with my gals like I have. I also love the career that I now have, especially since it allows me to work from home and successfully build a fulfilling career. I do realize that not all women feel they are called to stay at home. I respect that God has called us all to different things. At the same time, it is evident that there is still a discrepancy for women – there are not enough of us in leadership, in the sciences, in technology sectors. I believe we all have to work to our strengths exactly where God has planted each of us to better our world and create more balance and opportunities for all. Finally, as a homeschooling mama of two girls, I feel it is my duty to prepare them as best as possible for whatever it is God might call each of them to, whatever that might be!

So after a deep long search, here are some of the best resources I’ve been able to find to support our “Homeschool Girl Power” plan! My focus has been to find good female biographies of strong female role models (taking care to evaluate them compared to our beliefs – no promoting trashy popstars just because they are girls), and also great “living books” and classic books with leading female characters.

(This year, we’ll be using the concept of studying world geography to organize our studies. So, we’ll be reading stories of females from around the world!)

American Heritage Girls
Secret Keeper Girl
Girls of American History
Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls
Time for Kids: World History Month
National Museum of Women in the Arts
National Women’s History Museum
Girl Museum

I’m sure there are more, please feel free to share!