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Welcome to our “Show Me” series! Your link-up can be just a picture, or pictures with explanation. Or just explanation if you’re like me when taking the picture and actually getting it uploaded might mean you’d miss out!
The goal of this linkup is fun, though some might have a homeschool bent. If you you don’t homeschool, please feel free to participate anyway and show us how that “show me” theme pertains to you and your home! And if we can share some tips and cool brainstorming ideas along the way — EVEN BETTER!

This week’s theme is “Show me . . .  your favorite organizational tools!

First of all, it’s my label machine. It’s a holdover from my “office” days, but I’m seriously addicted. Ha!


Then, it’s my shredder. It’s nothing fancy, just a cheap model. But we shred everything that has remotely any personal information on it. It’s just being extra-careful in this age of identity theft!


Yes, a garbage bag!! I will just hang one up in a easy location, and try to get rid of as much paper as possible! This week, I’ve been purging and cleaning the classroom/office, so this bag has been filling quickly! The less you have to deal with, the easier it is to organize, right?


And here is a brief look at just SOME of my Thirty-One Gifts storage totes and bags. I use them for just about EVERYTHING. The basket is holding my most active files, the small bag beside it holds my pens, etc. And the medium tote underneath – yeah, that’s my “to be filed” pile, completely overflowing! But heck, I used to have two of those completely full, so I’m making progress! 🙂


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