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Welcome to our “Show Me” series! Your link-up can be just a picture, or pictures with explanation. Or just explanation if you’re like me when taking the picture and actually getting it uploaded might mean you’d miss out!
The goal of this linkup is fun, though some might have a homeschool bent. If you you don’t homeschool, please feel free to participate anyway and show us how that “show me” theme pertains to you and your home! And if we can share some tips and cool brainstorming ideas along the way — EVEN BETTER!

This week’s theme is “Show Me . . .  your bookshelves! (How your books are organized. Or not!)

If you’ve ever been to IKEA you’ll probably recognize everything in our home.

You think I’m kidding. 🙂 I can quote you the style name and color, and probably can tell you what rack you will find it on in the warehouse!

First up, this is our newest bookcase. Yup, moved here and well heck, since we have more room, why don’t we just add bookcases! (in the past I’d have been forced to stop buying books or get rid of some!) And no, I didn’t even notice this area was messy until I uploaded the picture. Ha. We’ll pretend I did it on purpose for realism! This one is on one side of hubby’s desk in the living room. Next year he might get one on the other side of his desk as well, at the rate I’m going.

This houses all of our educational books that are free for the perusing at any given moment. Science, math, Spanish, and Biblical themes mostly. We added the games when I was purging the playroom because they were brought down here so much to play as a family. As you can see, this is a well-used area; my girls are all the time telling about the things they have learned on their own during their reading time!

These are the books in our main living room area, flanking the TV. These are the grown up “pretty books.” Sadly, these are the ones we hold on to, but hardly touch any more. Both hubby and I have mostly gone digital with our books (out of necessity).  Under the TV there is another shelving unit (you can see a corner of it in the 2nd picture)  but it’s mostly just packed with completed scrapbooks. The ones on this bookshelf are overflow! And thank goodness the blurriness hides the thick layers of dust everywhere!



Here is the classroom / my office. On one wall, we have the bookcase we use for active school stuff. I keep it here so it doesn’t get “lost” and we can find things when we are using them, and it has our recently re-organized curriculum.

The books on the top are all library books, so they don’t get mixed up with “ours.” And I’m embarressed to admit how long I spent cleaning and organizing this bookcase over Christmas break to get it to this point.


Same room, but this is my “work” bookcase. That has been my project this week. I cannot even begin to describe how bad the “before” picture would have been!


And this is our “kid bookcase.” My oldest went through a phase of wanting to be a librarian, so when we moved here, I book the kid bookcase in her room (it wouldn’t fit in the playroom) and told her she was the librarian and it’s her responsibility to keep this area nice and neat. It takes a lot more nagging than I would like (I’m a bit of a nut about books and taking care of books) but she got into it. She even made “library cards” and makes her little sister check books in and out!


So, there are our bookcases! This is not including the stack I have on the side table by the couch, or on each side of our bed in the master bedroom! I have my eye on a few more bookcases, actually. I know – we have entirely too many books already, but I have a compulsion!


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