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Welcome to our “Show Me” series! Your link-up can be just a picture, or pictures with explanation. Or just explanation if you’re like me when taking the picture and actually getting it uploaded might mean you’d miss out!
The goal of this linkup is fun, though some might have a homeschool bent. If you you don’t homeschool, please feel free to participate anyway and show us how that “show me” theme pertains to you and your home! And if we can share some tips and cool brainstorming ideas along the way — EVEN BETTER!

This week’s theme is “Show Me . . .  Your Craft Supply Area!

This is the hall closet upstairs that I use for random storage.

On the left side is all my personal scrapbooking and crafting stuff. This is only neat because I spent all last weekend organizing so I could find the stuff I wanted to take to the scrapbooking retreat. And I actually got it all back in the closet nice and neat, too! Score!


On the right, is all of our school supplies storage (pens, pencils, notebooks, file folders, paper, etc — all from back to school sales over the previous years) with some extra craft stuff thrown in for good measure.


My girls have their own scary stash of craft supplies in their playroom – mainly so I can keep them out of mine!

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