So, I’m sitting here getting ready for Valentine’s Day this week, and I realized that I haven’t posted about Valentine’s Day in eons! So I thought I would focus on Valentine’s themes for this week!

First, if you would like to read a post from several years ago for tons of preschool/K Valentine’s resources, click here!

Tuesday, be sure to come back for our “Show Me” post series, where I will be sharing about one of our Valentine’s traditions!

Later this week, I will be catching up on some blog posts I’ve been meaning to finish for quite a while. Both are dealing with prayer, and what could be a better way to love someone, but to pray for them?

Today the girls are working on Valentine’s Day cards for their AHG friends, to give out at our meeting tomorrow. Here are some of the newest Valentine’s Day Resources we are choosing from this year:

We have put up our minimal Valentine’s Decorations which consist of heart magnets and heart window clings (Dollar store specials and kid favorites!). I cleaned out our “Valentine decoration box” and found tons of old craft supplies that I have never used, and they are all packed up to go to AHG with us tomorrow, where we will be having a mini-Valentine’s Day activity and service project. I plan to do Valentine’s card crafts with the girls today, and might let them pick out another craft to do later in the week. I also plan to print out some of these “jokes” to put in their lunches for Co-Op this week! And then, we will have our Valentine’s Day dinner with Daddy that evening. Still haven’t decided on the menu for that yet, but we’ll figure it out. Hubby and I will do a date night sometime this month – when we find a Living Social/Groupon that we like, or the crowds aren’t so bad at restaurants.

So, that’s my plan for the week, trying to squeeze some Valentine’s Day fun into an already insane schedule! I’d love to hear what you guys do for Valentine’s. Anything special? What are your favorite resources?


PS. I just saw that Amanda Bennett is doing a Valentine’s Unit Giveaway on her Facebook page today!