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The goal of this linkup is fun, though some might have a homeschool bent. If you you don’t homeschool, please feel free to participate anyway and show us how that “show me” theme pertains to you and your home! And if we can share some tips and cool brainstorming ideas along the way — EVEN BETTER!

This week’s theme is “Show Me . . .  A Valentine’s Tradition!

I really thought I had better pictures, but these are the only ones we can find. Each year, we have a “family Valentines dinner” on Valentine’s Day! This started as a money saving measure – finding a babysitter AND a dinner reservation on Valentine’s? Impossible! And now of course, it’s a tradition that the girls love!

So, the hubby and I schedule our own Valentine’s date night on a different night, and do our own little celebration with the girls on Valentine’s. We use the fancy china, pull out the fizzy grape juice for the kids, and have fun!

Last year, the girls decided they wanted the menu to be “Breakfast for Dinner” and to have French toast because that was “fancy.” So, we did!

???????????????????????????????I even had them take their baths early and get into their pajamas, so we could them to bed early. (They thought it was cool to be able to eat in their pajamas. Whatever works, right?)


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