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We squeezed in a quick unit on France while we were still finishing up Heidi.

I say “quick” because I didn’t have a long chapter book to focus on for France. Instead, we used the Madeline book series.

Any of the Madeline Books, but especially the first one.
Madeline Video
Madeline Lapbook

We didn’t use much from the Madeline lapbook link, since much of it didn’t focus on the book and just a bit focused on the country. Instead we have been focusing on activities from the France lapbook below.

France Lapbook

Videos About France:
France: Romain in Brittany
France: Raphael in Brittany
France: My House in Bordeaux
France: Joyce and Her Owl
France: Emmanuel And His Harpsichord

Tour de France:
Tour de France Kids Guide
Tour de France site
Tour de France video on Youtube
Tour de France coloring page