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Heidi is a great book to teach about “themes.” I explained to the girls that themes are like the lessons the writer might be trying to help us understand by telling the story. All on their own they came up with “thinking of others before yourself” and “prayer and faith.”

I also added in a character analysis notebooking page from notebookingfairy.com. It was a great moment to bring up positive character traits that Heidi showed us! To do that, I introduced the list of Biblical Virtues (Character Traits) that I purchased from Virtue Training Bible. (I’ve been meaning to start doing this with the girls, but haven’t had time.)

20150209_120749So, we picked out a few character traits for Heidi – joy, encouragement, faith, compassion, etc. and then we were able to look at a few Bible verses to see how the Bible “defined” those traits and if we agreed that Heidi actually had that trait. Then we listed “evidence” from the story on the notebooking page.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????We also squeezed in a short lesson on goats!

???????????????????????????????Kid Reviews:

Oldest’s (age 8) Review:

I liked Heidi because she thought of others before herself. Heidi helps her ill friend Klara walk. Heidi brought kittens in Klara’s house and I thought that was funny.

Youngest’s (age 6) Review:

I liked Heidi because she helped Klara walk and Heidi got to go back to her grandfather. I like Heidi because she learned how to read. I like Heidi because she brought kittens into the Sesamann house.

My Review of Heidi

I had completely forgotten what a sweet story Heidi is!! I just remember I liked it, and thought it would be good for the girls. I absolutely loved how it showed faith in action. Childlike faith sharing their faith, making miraculous changes in even the adults around them. What a wonderful little story of how young girls can make a difference in the world around them! That was what touched me, as a Mom, while reading this story. My girls could see authentic examples of faith in action!

What was especially important was that both of our girls have made personal professions of faith in the past few months. I can’t help but think that reading the story of Heidi played a part in that for them.

And of course, we celebrate the end of every book with the movie! This one got the best reviews on Amazon Prime.

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