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I have to confess, I’ve been staring at the computer screen for a few days, trying to come up with brilliance.

So until inspiration actually hits, ha ha, I thought I’d share with a few things that we’ve been up to!

Well, first of all, like many of you I’m sure, we’ve been dealing with SNOW. This cruddy, nasty weather has kept us homebound quite a bit.


Somebody should have taught these girls about salary negotiation! 🙂 They agreed to shovel all the walkways for only a dollar each!


The cat has taken up residence on every heater vent in the house.

I had a friend just yesterday ask what WE do on snow days. I told her I much prefer to get as much school done as possible while the weather is bad, and save our days off for when the weather is good. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have any fun! (Though my bucket of winter fun ideas is running pretty dry, admittedly.)

First up, we pulled out my scrapbooking supplies and learned how to use them to make our Valentine’s.

20150208_164030 And I started a new craft project of my own! I Finally found the items I needed to create my own Little Free Library, and while it’s still in many pieces and needs multiple coats of paint, my goal is to have it ready to put outside by Spring!

20150214_151524I’ve been trying to complete a few projects around the house. Last weekend, “we” sorted the girls clothes and purged their rooms. It was one of those projects that was supposed to be quick and easy but turned into an all day endeavor. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth of occurred. And the girls did their own whining as well!

After a Mommy meltdown last week, Hubby made the executive decision I have entirely too much on my plate. (Well, duh.) And right now, the only thing that can go is participating in the Homeschool Co-Op group. So we have dropped out of Co-Op. The girls were disappointed because they have made friends there, but I felt completely relieved. First of all, I didn’t have to be the bad guy in the decision. AND, it’s one thing off my plate.  We are still continuing with ballet classes and American Heritage Girls, which we all adore.

Our new “homeschool curriculum” is working out well for us, which is a blessing! It’s more work for me than I’d really prefer, but even with that it’s so much more relaxing and enjoyable than what we were doing before. We’re now using a more eclectic / unit study style, and it seems to be working. Because the girls are more interested in what we’re doing, they’re taking more ownership in what we’re doing, even at the ages of 8 and 6.

I just had to share this picture. You know when you have those moments of genius that seem to be little gifts from God? I had a pile of paperwork I needed to get through, so I handed the girls a box of those fridge magnet words, and had them categorize the magnets by parts of speech. They really got into this and had lots of fun!


And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for: it’s my week for a HEAV Convention Pass Giveaway!! HEAV’s convention is June 11-13th this year!


Yes, you can win a pass so you can attend HEAV’s convention for free! (Leaving more money to spend on stuff! WAHOO!) Optional Programs are not included, and if you have already registered and you win, HEAV will credit you for the amount of the free pass! This giveaway ends March 15, so sign up now!


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