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This week’s theme is “Show Me Your Sweetest Easter Memory For This Year!”20150403_185737 This Easter was very near and dear to my heart. It’s the first Easter that my girls are believers. To me, it’s their first “real” Easter. Good Friday took on all new meaning for me.

20150403_190911While we celebrate this day as a solemn, serious occasion, I still see so much love in rejoicing in this event.

20150405_113445I would lay my life down for these girls. Without even thinking about it.

But even laying MY LIFE down for them wouldn’t be enough.

I could be the BESTEST ______, MOST AWESOMEST _____ and I still couldn’t save my own kids. Nothing I could do could ever be enough.

And frankly, for this recovering Type-A overachiever, that’s a hard pill to swallow.

But also so freeing! Because you know what? I don’t have to!

I can relax, because the Lord Jesus loves my kids more than I do. (And I as I tell my girls, that is a whole heck of a lot!) More than I could possibly EVER.

And he loves me too. He saved my kids for me, because He knew I couldn’t.

20150403_191259I can relax. I can rejoice. Because I know He’s got this.

Yes, the crucifixion was an amazingly horrible, painful, and harrowing experience.


(You know how good it feels to mark something off your to-do list??? Yeah. Think about getting to scratch that off! IT IS FINISHED takes on whole new meaning, doesn’t it?)

As a Good Friday writing exercise, I asked both my girls to write a paragraph about why Good Friday was important, and what this all meant, as if the person they were writing to didn’t know what Easter was. I promised them I would share it here (which they love, by the way. I might have future bloggers on my hands!). These paragraphs are my most special memories from this year. And so, here it is, in their own words. (I did fix the misspellings.)


“Jesus died on the cross. Why? Because He wanted the punishment, to take away everyone’s sins. That is why we celebrate Easter. We collect eggs, but that is not the best part. What is it? Jesus! Jesus is the best part of Easter. It is say that Jesus dies on the cross, but He rose again! After the cross, a friend of Jesus took him into a little cave. And 3 days later, He had risen!”

20150405_113555Oldest: (Age 8)

I am going to tell you why Jesus died on the cross. You know all the bad things we do? They’re called sins. Jesus got nailed on the cross. He did not do anything bad. And it hurt very bad. That is why we celebrate Easter. He died on the cross for our sins. Easter is all about him dying on the cross for our sins.


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