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This week’s theme is “Show Me How/Where You Do Your Devotional Time.



As you can see, I have no picture. Because I am confessing I’ve fallen completely off the devotional time bandwagon.

Part of that is because of adjusting to the move, which I think is finally happening now. (Um, ten months later.) Every move means adjustments to house layouts and to family schedules, which means my how/where much change. What worked at the last place won’t necessarily work here. I’m still trying things, and attempting to find my full groove. Some things are finally starting to click and work well. My devotional time just . . . isn’t.

I know I’m entirely too busy. I have about twenty too many things on my plate. I know I’m not participating in a group Bible study (see above). I haven’t quite found my “tribe” there yet, so to speak, though I’ve not put much effort into it (see beginning of this paragraph). I’ve not even quite found a study that I want to do.

A bigger part is that I’ve been struggling with some stuff spiritually. I’m dealing with things. Don’t worry – there’s nothing that you need to worry about. It’s just . . .  life. It would be so much easier if I really only saw 2 sides -black or white, this way or that. But life is made up of so much more gray murkiness, and right now today in this season of life I’m just trying to feel my way through. I feel like I’m being pulled by the current a bit, rather than swimming it under my own power. Normally, I wouldn’t “settle” for this, but for right now, it’s what I’ve got.

So confessing this to you guys is just as much as about being as truthful and honest with you guys as giving myself a bit of grace. I’ve learned, as my type-A-recovering self, that I have to accept those times where I don’t have it all together. It is what it is.

As long as IT doesn’t stay that way.


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