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Part of our portfolio requirements is that we cover the “Pennsylvania history” as one of our required subjects. Thankfully, I have an evaluator who is very flexible with how we fulfill that requirement.

I don’t really have an issue with teaching state history really, but having as a requirement that we have to prove is pretty annoying. Also, the fact that we have to prove that we teach it every year. What if “Pennsylvania History” doesn’t fit in with your curriculum design for one year? For us, since we’re focusing on World Geography, and not a historical timeline, it feels a bit out of place and sequence. I could see this being an issue when trying to teach about ancient Greece as well.Of course, when we were focusing on US history and geography it would have been an easy tie-in.

And so, it ends up being a throw in.

For this year, we focused on field trips to learn about Pennsylvania. Being new, pretty much all sightseeing we have done would easily fill in for these requirements.

Liberty Bell Center


Independence National Park


The Liberty Bell

Also: Glencairn Museum Field Trip

I kept a list of our field trips and then printed them out for the portfolio.

But just so I’d have something “more” to put in that particular section, we did a few worksheets.