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20150422_185650Did you get the HEAV recordings of the Convention?

Or, perhaps, a better question is — have you done anything with the recordings once you received them?

This was my dilemma this past year!

Sometime in January, I realized I had multiple years of recordings that I had never even touched. I buy them every year with very good intentions, but never actually listen to them!

About the same time, I was working on my New Year’s goals – of which one of them is to get in better shape and lose weight before my XXth (you know, it ends in a 0) birthday this December. And then I thought – heck, I can kill two birds with one stone!

I downloaded the entire collection onto my iPod and set off to the gym. My oldest had ballet on Wednesdays this past year and her class is in the same complex as my gym.  So the youngest went into the childcare room, and I got on the treadmill for a solid 50 minutes each week. (Plus 5 minutes of treking to the treadmill once I dropped the oldest off, and 5 minutes treking back.)

Staying entertained at the gym has always been my biggest downfall. Classes are hard for me because my strength and endurance level aren’t enough to endure a high intensity class for the full hour, and this gym seems to schedule their classes at odd times. But getting on the equipment was always a bore. I could last about 15 minutes before going stark raving mad.  (Why are all the dumbest TV shows on in the only time slots I can seem to make it to the gym?) I would listen to music, but then I’d spend half the time choosing music or flipping between songs.

So, the convention recordings are PERFECT for my workouts! Most recordings are at just around an hour, so the timing is perfect for me. Once I get the treadmill going, I really didn’t having to think about what I am doing. (I’m klutz-prone and actually have to focus on the elliptical or stair-thing-a-ma-jig. I actually sprained my ankle in June putting on shoes. Not even kidding.) But walking at a good speed? That I can handle! I can really focus on the words being said instead of what my feet are doing.

At first I made it about 20 minutes before my legs started to protest and then I would spend the rest of time doing good yoga stretches, etc. But by the end of the semester, I was able to walk almost the entire hour at a quick walk speed! I was even trying to figure out how I could squeeze a second workout hour somewhere into my schedule! And then of course, I sprained my ankle putting on shoes and sadly spent the rest of this summer so far trying to heal from that.

But this week my girls are attending a camp at my gym and I’m going to start the regimen once again after I drop them off. I am so glad I have some new recordings to listen to!

Convention-Logo-2015-660x660“I am excited to be a blogger for HEAV this year. In exchange for sharing my honest opinion about this convention, I was provided with a family registration at no charge.”