And so, another homeschool year has begun.

We’ll talk about my insane summer another day, but suffice it to say, it wasn’t the relaxing period of rest I’d been hoping for. Constantly being slammed from one thing to the next, I would close my eyes and think, “I wish breathing was even on the horizon.”

I can’t be the only gal out here like this!

After a year of being tempest-tossed and feeling like I have no anchor, I know that I have to make my own.

This year, I am working with the girls to learn how to do their own devotional quiet time as part of our schooling, since they are at an age where they can start handling it now. This might leave me a few minutes where I can do a bit of devotional time of my own! (Or at least that is the idea.)

I am going to do this Bible study on my own because my schedule is such I can’t even make a Bible study in person right now. But I NEED IT. Forget that deer panting for water, I am desperately  just trying to keep my head up for air!

Do any of you relate?

(Puh-lease say you do!)

Would you like to join me in a “virtual” Bible Study?

This is what you need to do:

1. Order the book on Amazon or Lifeway.

2. Order the videos on Lifeway.

I will try to set up a “web conference” time where we can virtually get together and just talk about our thoughts/experiences and what we’re learning, spreading each “week” over two weeks, for discussion time! You’ll be responsible for the reading and study, and watching the video in the two weeks prior to the videochat. I’ll facilitate and keep us on topic, more or less. We’ll all discuss what God is putting on our hearts as we read. What do you think?

It’s everything you get in a Bible Study, BUT you don’t have to drive in bad weather, can wear your jammies, and scarf down all the chocolate you have in your house all at the same time!

Post in the comments if you’re in, and let me know! I’d really love the company!