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I thought I would share with you guys some of the unit studies we did last Spring!

One of the topics the girls wanted to study was about the body and how it worked. While trying to research how to do that, I found a fabulous deal on a 3-pack on Educents from Human Body Detectives. My version were workbooks and a CD of the short story. These were perfect to use as the backbone for our unit study, and then I looked for other information online to “add” to it.


My girls really enjoyed the series! I felt it had a bit of a “Life of Fred” feel to it, if you know that math program (learning through listening to a story). We found the worksheets to be fun and reinforce what they were trying to learn.

Here were some of the experiments we tried:

Trying to take our pulse. We aren’t very good at it.

Our “Human Blood” model. The white marshmallows are the white blood cells, etc.

More resources if you’d like to try this unit yourself!


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