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This post is a repeat with minor changes from last year.

We are blessed with a Homeschool Dad that loves to be involved in our homeschool!

It wasn’t always this way. He wasn’t particularly enthused about homeschooling at first. It took A LOT of encouragement and enthusiasm from other homeschooling dads before he would agree to us homeschooling at first. Now, he is one of homeschool’s biggest salesmen!

So, how can your homeschool dad be involved in your homeschool? How can you encourage him?

First, make sure he feels welcome! My husband has admitted to me that sometimes he doesn’t feel “needed.” I’ve never intentionally shut him out, but it’s sometimes easy for me to get so absorbed that I didn’t realized he wanted to be included.

Also, don’t only show him  the negative! I know many refer to their homeschool dad as “Principal.” But if all he sees of the homeschool experience is having to be the Enforcer or Disciplinarian, how can he enjoy it?

Here are some of the ways our Homeschool Dad participates:

1. Field Trips  – We try to save as many field trips for family activity time, often on weekends, so hubby can join in.

2. Holidays – We are blessed that hubby gets most federal holidays off. He will join in our regular homeschool activities, and often acts as “substitute teacher” while I take the opportunity to get other things done.

3. Take Over Certain Subjects – Hubby has been great about taking over certain activities and lessons for me. I save up games, science experiments, or various parts of lessons that I haven’t been able to get to. He will do these with the girls on the weekends or evenings.  He also works with them on their Spanish – which is good because being a native speaker, he is much better at it!

4. Evening Reading – We save our larger group reading for right before bedtime. If it is a book that I think he’ll enjoy, Hubby will take over the reading of the nightly chapter. It’s great to get a break sometimes, isn’t it?

5. Extracurriculars – Hubby has been willing to very involved in the girls’ activities. He took over a lot of the carpool duties when we were participating in the Upward Sports program, and now he is actively being my “heavy labor” for our American Heritage Girls troop.

6. Support of Me – Hubby wants me to be sure to mention how a Homeschool Dad’s primary job is to take care of the Homeschool Mom! He’s my sounding board to bounce ideas and issues off of, he’s my encourager and motivator. Be even more importantly, he considers it his job to protect me, even from myself. Maybe even mostly from myself! 🙂 He keeps me going and keeps me from burn out. He sometimes plays “bad cop” when I’m too much of a softie.

7. BRING HIM TO A HOMESCHOOL CONVENTION! – Hubby’s first time at the HEAV Convention was instrumental in his support and understanding of homeschool. He was so excited to realize that homeschooling didn’t make us “weird,” it made us NORMAL! 🙂  He came, expecting to just be “supportive” and be there for me, but participating in some of the “Dad” sessions opened his eyes to the great opportunities homeschool provided.

Homeschool is such a wonderful blessing to our entire family. In addition to the “educational side,” it’s truly been a vehicle for our family to spend time together and enjoy each other.

 “I am excited to be a blogger for HEAV this year. In exchange for sharing my honest opinion about this convention, I was provided with a family registration at no charge.”