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This post is a repeat with minor changes from last year.

In a previous post, I talked about ways your Homeschool Dad can be involved in your homeschool. Since then, I’ve thought of a few more!

20150704_0943478. Show and Tell – During the day, we leave completed work items on Daddy’s desk to show/read to him at the end of the day. My girls love this.  We might also put them by his seat at dinner, so we can talk about them. This is a good way for me to remember to have them read and review certain work with him.

9. Wall of Fame – One wall of his office at work is decorated with various art projects. I can tell when they are especially into a particular project because the girls only designate their most favorite work for “Daddy’s Office.” They love going to his office and seeing their work displayed. As an added bonus, this has sparked a lot of discussions about homeschooling with his coworkers!

10. Heavy Labor – I’m sure us homeschool moms already take advantage of this one, but Homeschool Dads are awesome at hauling around the piles of books we collect. And dropping loads of them back at the library when needed. And carting piles of items to and from the basement, etc. Make sure they know how helpful and valuable that sort of participation really truly is!


Our haul from last year’s HEAV homeschool convention. Well, part of it.

11. Taking Over “Classes” You Really Don’t Want to Do – Through other parents at our AHG troop, we found there was a summer archery program in our area. Which of course, would help them earn that AHG archery badge! My girls were dying to do it with their friends, but I was already suffering from major burn out. Hubby talked the other dads into doing it with him, and so it became a Daddy/Daughter activity once a week last summer.


Archery Lessons with Centershot.org

12. Documentation – Our Homeschool Dad is a massive help this year with the documentation we needed for our portfolio. Here in PA, we’re required to keep a book log, and hubby helped me fill in the information. I just created the spreadsheet format for him, and would hand him the receipts we get from the library as we check out books. He would then fill in the info as he had time. This was a HUGE help, because our book log was up-to-date and ready for me to just print and stick in our binder when portfolio time came around!

Plus, as a mentioned in a previous post, he has been helping me by going through the pages of book lists I’ve found. He will review and reserve books from the library, and then keep track on our ongoing “wish lists” on what the library has or doesn’t have. This has been great to have when I’m out and about, but also when grandparents want to gift the girls, I have a running set of ideas ready to share! This has helped me keep very organized as I plan and prepare for upcoming curriculum.

What other ways does your Homeschool Dad participate in your homeschool?

 “I am excited to be a blogger for HEAV this year. In exchange for sharing my honest opinion about this convention, I was provided with a family registration at no charge.”