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This post is a repeat with minor changes from last year.

You know that list of random, “Oh, wouldn’t it be nice if I could find ______ at Convention?”

Or while you’re there: “Hmm, I wonder if I should buy this here, order it when I get home, or if my local library has it?”

Let me tell you my new brilliant solution for this: Amazon Wish Lists!!

When I see a blog post (or Pinterest – my newest addition) with lists of books I think would be great for us, or something I think would be useful next year, I send it to my awesome hubby.

He then logs into our local library’s site and searches to see if they have it, or if we can get it through inter-library loan.

He then saves it to one of our Amazon Wish List, so I can find it later. We have several lists we update constantly:

  • “Books for Homeschool” – My running list of books, etc. the library doesn’t carry, but I wish we had.
  • “Gift List Ideas for the Girls” – Also great when grandparents ask me – I don’t have to come up with the ideas off the top of my head, but just have to review the list I’ve been keeping.
  • “Homeschool books at the library” – This is the list I know NOT to buy because I can get it free by checking it out when we need it!

AmazonI also plan to take pictures of my girls’ bookshelves before we go – just to attempt to not duplicate books we already own. We honestly have so many books there is no way I could ever keep up with what’s here.

I really think this is going to make trying to figure out what to buy at Convention so much easier this year! Plus, it’s easily accessible from my phone – as long as I keep it charged up! No more carrying around too full notebooks!

**PS. I do want to make it clear that I still advocate purchasing from our amazing vendors at HEAV’s Exhibit Hall! Whenever possible, I do try to purchase there at HEAV or from one of our HEAV vendors. I just really like the portability of having this list right on my phone!**

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