Even more difficult to extract is the pride that drives judgmental Christians to mock the Spirit’s work in a man seeking his Creator. That sin could take decades to discover. Grace means that we are all works in progress, and God shaves off our rough edges in His timing.

I’ve learned some thing extremely important over the last few years. The pride of assuming that “I” am always right, that “I” know everything. 

While there IS a definite TRUTH and RIGHT, often we are all somewhere on a spectrum of that being revealed to us inside our hearts. Because how in the world can you really really KNOW until you have lived it? In His infinite wisdom, He might have chosen to reveal certain items to ME, not be because I deserve it or are worthy, but because of the change that truth is supposed effect. In ME. It is to expose our lack. 

To presume I know ALL right and wrong, even if I do, would put me in a place of pridefulness, and then judgmentalness. 

Two things we are expressly warned of – pride and judging. Pride in my own self, as if my mental faculties could presume to grasp the infinite scale of God’s work and plan. 

God’s goal was never for us to be “RIGHT”, it was for us to be HOLY. 
And so, even when I feel “right”, even when I know the “truth,” my place is not to be preening in that knowledge, but to be humbling myself and bowing low. LOW. Because that fall from pride is far, and the splat when one hits the ground isn’t pretty. 

Every time we feel this “rightness” it should drive us. Not a drive to “preach” or judge, but pray with compassion for that person. To shell out buckets and buckets of undeserved love, heaps and heaps. Just as it was given to us.

Because we as pots that are perhaps more formed than a newer piece of clay, know that the Potter’s wheel can HURT. We’ve been there. And we’re still there. 

Because none of us are fully completed. 

Not yet.