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Here is ASSIGNMENT #3. (Need to catch up? See previous posts in this series HERE).

ASSIGNMENT #3: Creating “Stations”

Today’s assignment is “easy.” During this challenge, you are going to need “stations” for things in process. For us, sometimes our stuff goes in different shipments, and I need to have ways to organize each of these. Perhaps as you begin, you need to create a “goes to storage” shipment (I would not actually suggest shoving stuff down in your basement until we get to the point where we start sorting/purging the basement, though!). Or perhaps you need a “goes to charity” or “prep for consignment sale” pile.

Regardless, I have found it easiest if I pre-plan these stations.  In this move, I will probably have a donation pile for the girls’ AHG troop’s yard sale, homeschool (books) consignment sales, donation piles to pass along galore, etc.

For your family members who are a bit clueless about this crazy challenge you’ve started, a good idea might be to label each area with a sign – “Consignment sale pile – DO NOT TOUCH.” Or “To Storage Area.” It might also help ease the mind of your significant other that you have not gone off the deep end and become a crazy hoarder piling things to the ceiling.😉

My husband is so used to me at this point he mostly just ignores me. However, I do have to point the piles out and ask him to please stop cleaning up after me; there is a method to my madness!

It might look like madness for a little bit, I admit. But there is a plan to this madness, and it will all improve soon!

Next up: “Like Goes with Like!”  See you soon!