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ASSIGNMENT #5: the Living Room

Whew! We are finally on the part of the challenge where we start going room by room! This is the part that will feel like you are accomplishing something!

I start with the living room, because generally, a) that’s the easiest,b)  you might need the space to start organizing those “stations” we talked about earlier, and c) if you’re anything like me, you need an easy assignment because you are already behind and need some time to catch up. (Don’t worry, I tried to build several some days like this in, just so we all CAN catch up and make it through!)

For me, the Living Room is the easiest room in the house to prep. Because I try to keep my house partially company ready, the living room is the main room that is always “ready.” I won’t have too much that I will have to do in my living room. Books and board games will be the main focus for me here.

The other thing I deal with in our living room is knick-knacks and picture frames. Even since we moved here, there is a large stack of knick-knacks that I never found space for and pictures I never hung up on the walls. Time to reevaluate those items. Are they worth repacking again, if I haven’t missed them by now? Or are some of these items, while dust catchers, still things that will make our new place feel like “home?”

When your home is constantly changing, that is a powerful need that cannot be marginalized. And not an easy decision sometimes.

Coming up next will be the craft/hobby area of your home. Get ready!