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Our girls will finally be getting baptized in a few weeks, and the pastor of the church has asked they give (or at least write for him to read!) a brief testimony before their baptism. (We will be going for an immersion baptism, not the “sprinkle”!)

Growing up in a Southern Baptist Church, I always knew what this meant, but I realized I found it difficult to explain this in non-church-y words to my girls. So of course I went to my favorite resource – the Internet!

Here are some sites that I thought might be useful to you:

Kids Testimony Form

Free Testimony Worksheet

How to Share Your Testimony

Billy Graham’s Teaching Tweens to Share their Testimonies

Parenting Like Hannah’s Tips for Teaching Kids to Share their Faith

Our Families Adventure’s Teaching Kids to Write a Personal Testimony

Jeff McClung’s Free Booklet to Help Kids Write & Share Their Testimony

I thought also that it would be a good idea if my husband and I went through this exercise WITH the girls, as a family activity. (Not that I’ve told my husband that yet, but I know he’ll be open to it! 🙂 ) So they could watch and see us do it, but also practice it on us. That would give us another opportunity to share and talk about this topic with them, and to really make sure they truly understand the decision they’ve made.

This is IN ADDITION to several workbooks that we used after they let us know of this decision several years ago.  We did one page a day in as part of their devotional time every morning. I liked that it really made them think through this, but at their level. This is one I personally liked:

I hope this is useful!