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We are now about 2 months into our new homeschool year, and I am already needing to re-evaluate our plan!

By and large, I think our overall schedule was a good idea. The curriculum choices we made were good ones, but I think I grossly under-estimated how much time things would take. Also, my work hours have picked up quite a bit, and that has cut into my time to participate in some of the hands-on work I wanted to do with the girls.

We also started going to a weekly homeschool program – which works like a Co-Op but brings in professionals from the area to be the teachers of the classes (meaning I don’t have to volunteer!). So far, the girls have enjoyed the first session, so we are going to continue with it this fall. I’ve been making my girls do the optional “homework” sent home by these teachers, so that takes up time as well.

And then you add in OT appointments, AHG, AWANA, and the general laundry and occasional grocery shopping, and well, there just aren’t enough hours in a day! (Not to mention all of the prep for our recent travel as well!)

So, my plan for today is to rearrange our “planner spreadsheet” and stretching out our assignments into hopefully a more manageable schedule.

How are you doing? Have you re-evaluated your homeschool plan already? What are you changing or not?