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SPD Hands 2

We recently had a fabulous opportunity to check out DCinDC at Newseum. We got to see some of our favorite TV superhero characters up close and personal!

And it was AWESOME. We checked out two different panels – The Art of the Matter: From Sketch to Screen, and “Wonder Women” (women characters in comics).

I lucked out, finding a link to free tickets at the last minute on Facebook, and saw that several actresses from The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow would be there. (There were many actors and actresses also there from Supergirl and Gotham.)


Supergirl with my Supergirl (sorry for the awful lighting!)

Why have I encouraged my SPD’er in a love of Superheroes?

First of all, we are all about the #GirlPower in this house. Supergirl is super cool! (We went through a Star Wars “Rey” phase as well, but that was before our SPD Diagnosis.)

Plus, we use them as examples in our Occupational Therapy. Many things you find online are geared toward very small children, and I looked for older, “cooler” examples, so that my 8-year-old (at the time), would have better role models. I also wanted to make the therapy exercises that she does, and might be something she will have to continue throughout her life in some fashion, “normalized.”

SuperGirl wasn’t born knowing how to fight bad guys, she had to train and learn, just like we do in Occupational Therapy.  (Early episodes in the first season actually show and focus on this.) And her trainer and sparring partner is her big sister.

And have you seen Jessie Graff, Supergirl Stuntwoman, on American Ninja Warrior?

Looking for more examples, I found many videos of Stephen Amell (The Green Arrow), doing crossfit, Parkour, and circuit training. Which looks remarkably similar to the “obstacle course” concept that we used in our occupational therapy each day!

And Caity Lotz (Sarah Lance/White Canary, Legends of Tomorrow) is our newest inspiration. As my girls say, “Wow. She can really fight.” No damsels in distress in our house!

So, we were super excited to have a chance to meet some of these fabulous people in person!

This will be an ongoing series chronicling our experiences with Sensory Processing Disorder. I am in NO WAY an expert! Please read and use at your own risk. 🙂