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Here is a list that I started a few years ago, but I’m just getting around to sharing! Do you have a “Bucket List” of things that you want your kids to learn? I hope to revisit and update this Bucket List each year

1. How to Cook, and Cook Well. Not because they are girls. But because they like to EAT.

Status: GOING QUITE WELL! The girls are cooking all the time! Of course, they prefer baking and desserts to making dinner, but it’s a good start!

2. How to clean the house thoroughly. Not because they are girls, but because when I visit, I expect to be able to sit on a clean toilet.

Status: They are actually better at cleaning than they’d like me to know. I wish they were more conscientious about the dishes!

3. How to swim. At least enough not to drown.

Status: ACHIEVED! We spent a year in swim lessons and swim team last year, so they are excellent swimmers now!

4. How to throw a good punch. Self-defense is extremely important. Because they ARE girls. And because the confidence of knowing of being able to knock a jerk’s face in, is very empowering.

Status: Beginning. I just signed them up for a Krav Maga class for their exercise class. They are still young, so there is time.

5. Spanish. I picked that one because of their own heritage, but also from my own career, I know being fluently multilingual is excellent for their future career prospects. And good for their brain as well.

6. Strong communication skills, both oral and written. One of the most ignored professional skills (and what many think they are better at than they really are), but also crucial for their personal lives.

7. Kindness. Kind hearts that are going to default to kind responses. I feel that sometimes I personally have a snarky and cynical default that I have to continually watch myself for, before manually choosing the kind option. I would love for my girls to “default” to kind!

8. Servant hearts.  I want my girls to look for ways of reaching out to others and giving. Not just big things, but even the little choices that make a difference. Learning how to think of others.



So,  what would you list on own your bucket list? What should I add?