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HEAV’s Convention is one of the highlights of our homeschool year, and is our own personal start to the summer season!

However, a few years ago I realized I was doing everything BACKWARDS.

I’d make my decisions first, and then consult God.

Not intentionally, of course! I was just following the normal calendar of homeschooling – spend the Spring researching/planning, go to HEAV (and buy!) in early June, and THEN in August before the new school year started, I spend a month praying that God would direct our path. The problem was, I had already decided on which path before ever praying for it!

Yeah, oops.

I really love this article from 2:1 Conference from a few years ago (and I share this every year), to help us REALLY GET READY for the HEAV Convention the right way, by putting first things first.

In previous First Things First posts, I’ve talked about the idea of making sure we put Christ first in everything we do. And I really like the idea of practicing what I preach to my girls as well – if I say I want to put God first in our homeschool life, then just maybe I should start putting him first in my preparation of it as well!

So that’s my challenge for YOU: Are you putting God FIRST in your homeschool preparation? Before the research of curriculum choices, before the sorting and organizing for the Used Curriculum Sale, before asking a zillion other homeschool moms their opinions on various programs — Have you put FIRST THINGS FIRST?

Do you like Prayer Prompts? Here are a few I found on Pinterest that might be useful! (I love to use specific Bible verses to pray, and these lists often make my prayer time easier!

Please take some time this week and prepare your heart with God. Spend time getting His input on your children’s education!

After all, who could really know your children better than the Maker and Creator? (1 Peter 4:19)

Who could know what is truly going to up in the next year better than the One who sees all? (Psalm 139:1-5)

Who is the One who holds your kids in the palm of His hand? (John 10:29)

And pray not only for your children, but what about you? (Oh, and your spouse, of course!)

After all, this is the stereotypical time of the year that you plan for next. And how can you lead unless you yourself are being led by the Commander of the Heavenly Hosts?  (Isaiah 55:4)

Pray that you will continue to “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness” even before advanced “education.” Beg the One Who Sees All to open your eyes, so that you can see the vision as well, and the road before you.

Ask that He prepare your heart before you arrive, so not only can this (not-so-little) homeschool convention be MORE than just about “school.” May this be a time of rejuvenation, of strengthening, of clarity, of encouragement. Oh, and of fun! Nothing wrong with asking that God help you truly enjoy your time there!

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HEAV- Home Educators Association of Virginia – website
“I am excited to be a blogger for HEAV this year. In exchange for sharing my honest opinion about this convention, I was provided with a family registration at no charge.”