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I know “Vacation Season” is coming up, though many of us homeschoolers tend to vacation Off-Season! We did this last fall, with a trip to the Dominican Republic (where my husband’s family is from)! While there, I brainstormed this series, though I’m just now getting around to sharing it with you!

If you are in a state where you must count homeschooling days, or if you subscribe to more of a “Life is School” philosophy, or if you’ve drunk the homeschool Kool-Aid so that everything turns into a homeschool experience — I’m sure you are just like us- looking at even vacations with the thought of “How can I turn our vacation into homeschool?”


Now, first off, let’s put a dose of reality in here. Not every single moment of every single day needs to be about homeschool. Sometimes you just need to live your life, and sometimes you just need to enjoy your vacation! Relax for once, HomeSchool Mama!


See? I follow my own advice!

This particular trip of ours came to us unexpectedly. My hubby’s grandmother started to do poorly, and we could no longer put off the trip to visit her. Getting us all down to the Dominican Republic was no small feat, but after a month of scrambling, we finally made it.


So, for this series, I thought I’d share some easy ideas on how to incorporate learning and educational experiences into any trip, and in the future, I hope to talk about our Dominican Republic educational experience in particular.

What tips would you share?

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