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I know “Vacation Season” is coming up, though many of us homeschoolers tend to vacation Off-Season! We did this last fall, with a trip to the Dominican Republic (where my husband’s family is from)! While there, I brainstormed this series, though I’m just now getting around to sharing it with you!

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Before Your Trip:

4. Discuss the trip with your kids. Open up the map and point out where you are going, routes you are planning to take, deals you’ve found and how you found them. Ge them involved in all of this research.

Teach them how to pack. How to make the to-do list of what to pack, what needs to be done before you go, and so on.

5. Check out books from the library! Look for local authors, books that take place where you are going, authors/books that your destination is known for, biographies of famous people from that area, or local history. Knowing some of this in advance will make going on tours/museums much more exciting and relevant to kids. Don’t forget to explore art/science topics related to the area as well!

6. When you are thinking of packing stuff to entertain the kids on the trip, look at #5 above and bring those books with you! Now, I’m not a fan of taking library books on a vacation where they could be lost or damaged, so what I do instead is search for deals on them.

This most recent trip I used PaperbackSwap.com with a lot of success. I was able to “trade” for several books I specifically wanted for this trip. Some for the kids, and some for me! We’re a big fan of beach reading!




Be sure to check out the Part 3 in this series here! What other suggestions do you have to prep before a trip?

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