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I know “Vacation Season” is coming up, though many of us homeschoolers tend to vacation Off-Season! We did this last fall, with a trip to the Dominican Republic (where my husband’s family is from)! While there, I brainstormed this series, though I’m just now getting around to sharing it with you!

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Here are some of the educational aspects we incorporated into our trip to the Dominican Republic.

During Your Trip:

1. How to haggle decent deals on souvenirs with the locals. I don’t like buying much clutter, but we did need new beach hats for the sun! First, teach your kids to purchase souvenirs off of the main tourist area to get better deals. For those hats, I haggled us down to a decent rate but realized I probably should have done even more when I later mentally converted the money to US dollars. Or, I also recommend having a hubby that is a native speaker of the language, because after that I had him do all the haggling and he was able to get much better deals!


Trust me, prices are always ramped up for tourists, but if they see you as a local, they will give you a better rate – though my husband disagrees with this. He believes that they worked him harder than they would have me (if I spoke better Spanish and could haggle more) because they saw him as a “returning successful son”  and expected him to share the wealth, in a sense. Luckily, he caught on to that fairly quickly.

2. Teach your kids the money conversion! It’s not just basic shopping and money lessons, but the addition of converting local currency prices to another in your head! That’s like Super Math, folks!

3. The proper way to bodysurf and jump a wave. I mean, that’s an important life skill! Along with sand castle making.



4. Did your kids earn spending money for the trip? Help them practice budgeting it throughout the trip.

5. Reading menu and ordering food. Also, perhaps add in a discussion about well-meal when they decide to order pasta and french fries in the same meal.


Traditional Dish – La Bandera (rice, beans, and meat) – like the Dominican Flag

6. Try the local cuisine! Our favorite way to learn about a culture is through its food!


Our family favorite is tostones – fried plantains!

Be sure to check out the Part 4 in this series here! What other suggestions would you share for during your trip?

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