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I know “Vacation Season” is coming up, though many of us homeschoolers tend to vacation Off-Season! We did this last fall, with a trip to the Dominican Republic (where my husband’s family is from)! While there, I brainstormed this series, though I’m just now getting around to sharing it with you!

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Here are some of the educational aspects we incorporated into our trip to the Dominican Republic.

During Your Trip:


7. Are you visiting family, or staying in an area of importance to your family? Ask for suggestions and see things off the beaten path. Where did your grandparents grew up and so on. This can give your kids a personal connection to your trip. Inviting family along can provide you unique touch guides and instant kid entertainment. (Have you ever noticed how kids listen so much better to someone else besides mom? Use it to your advantage!!)



8. Focus on cultural and artistic sightseeing! Let’s face it, most places you go are going to look the same. Pretty much every city is going to have the same chain restaurants wherever you go, and so on. Focus on the activities and sights you CAN’T do anywhere else. Biggest ball of yarn nearby? Go for it. Another McDonalds? Not so much. Teach your children to look for adventures everywhere.


9. Let your kids follow their own interests. Keep an eye out for new interests to form and let those opportunities take flight. Collect the shells. Answer the 50,000 questions. (Google is your friend!) Teach your kids to talk to the tour guides to ask those questions from the experts.



Who knew this kid is a natural on a horse??



10. Throw the list away! Sometimes it’s better to just throw out all the to-do lists and just live in the moment. Isn’t that what a vacation is really all about?



Yes, we found a playground. Every single trip – our family tradition!


When we lived overseas, our “local” friends would tell us they could always tell who the Americans were – they were the tourists who were more concerned with checking off a long list with an “I was here” selfie in as short amount of time as possible; instead of truly experiencing the place.

So, consider slowing down. Experiencing real life wherever you go. Watch a sunset. Feed the birds. Carry on a conversation with a local, and learn about their life.


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