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HEAV Convention is coming up NEXT WEEK! Who’s excited?? And who are you excited to see?

Us, we’re excited to meet and check out the Veritas Press booth!

I’ve been researching many different options for my 7th grader next year, and we’ve pretty much settled on Veritas Press’ Self-Paced, online Omnibus 1 program for next year. She wants less of “mom teaching” and more independence. I want a strong, structured program that is engaging and challenging, that she will learn with a solid foundation all at the same time! Hopefully, this will be exactly what we are both looking for.

Veritas Press is based on a Classical Education method, which is new to us personally, but my husband and I always like the idea of – though I was intimidated by “mom work” of many of the classical-based programs I saw when we began. That is one of the reasons I am very pleased with all that I’ve learned about the self-paced Omnibus Program. Especially great for me – it does all the grading for you!

The Omnibus 1 program is broken down into two parts, the Primary and Secondary. Both are created to be done together, at the same time. However, I’ve heard from many parents online that for a first-timer, this might be too much. So, one option suggested to me was to begin with the Secondary (which is considered more optional/extra by Veritas Press) and then add in the Primary program later on. There is also a lot of reading with this program and it’s not always easy reading, so if your student doesn’t enjoy reading, then this might not be completely for you. Even my oldest, who is a voracious reader, isn’t exactly enthused by some of the choices (R.C. Sproul is one of the authors we starting with) because it’s not straight-up action-fiction. The complete Omnibus program all together covers biblical history (they call it Bible), history and literature. The online self-paced program doesn’t included a “written” component so much

In good news, I learned that the Omnibus 1 Textbook isn’t completely neccessary for the online program because any readying from that is included for download! So, unless you find the textbook cheaply somewhere you can skip that expense! Luckily, I found someone local who wanted to get rid of it for a great price!

If you aren’t concerned with the actual grading, you can call the corporate office and have them “unlock” the course, turning it into more of an audit. No grading would be done, and would allow you to move around the course at-will.

Cathy Duffy Review of the Omnibus 1 Program

From a religious perspective, Veritas follows a Reformed Protestant theology, and Biblical perspectives are referenced throughout. In the clips I watched beforehand, I found none of it to be overhanded. Their statement of faith can be found on pages 11-13 of their Terms and Conditions.

Be sure to go check out the Veritas Press Booth in the Exhibit Hall at HEAV!

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