It’s time! It’s time! I’m on my way to HEAV Convention and can’t wait!

Here are my last minute tips to take advantage of all the HEAV Convention has to Offer!

1. Follow #HEAVCon on Facebook and Twitter! It’s a great way to stay in the know! PS. Follow me and keep up with my Facebook and Twitter! I’ll be all over the place with pictures, interviews and more!

****I also plan to have a “Freebie for my Friends” swag bag with me! If you can find me, you can choose your own gift from my bag! (These are all freebies I have been given in the past. I am on a mission to clear space in our tiny home.)***

See something you like? Find me at HEAV and it could be yours!

2. Order the Recordings – Don’t worry about missing a session, just order the recordings! I do this first thing so I can’t forget!

3. Drop of stuff at Used Curriculum Sale. One of our very first stops is to drop off all of our sale items at the Used Curriculum sale, and say a quick prayer that people buy our stuff! (And this year, we have A LOT of stuff!!

(P.S. Please buy my stuff. LOL)

4. Check out speakers and sessions! Before I go, I print out the schedule and highlight all all the sessoins I want to go to in person! I make a list of the vendors in the Exhibit Hall that I want to check out first.

5. Bring labels and business cards! I also bring labels and business cards already prepared! That way I can save myself from the carpel tunnel of writing my contact info down at all the booths, and also have my business cards ready to go when I meed fabulous new people I want to stay in contact with!

What other tips would you share?