Day 2: Today, I am grateful for good attitudes while cleaning.

Yes, that’s right, all of my family members pitched in and helped me do a thorough cleaning of the house today, without complaining, without eye-rolling or moaning. (Which also might go to show how bad the house had gotten if they were so willing to help!)

After a late breakfast, I announced that no one was allowed to have any fun whatsoever until all the bathrooms were clean – and we split them all up and got them done. And once that was done, we kept adding to the list, and the house was pretty darn clean by lunch!

How much easier is it now that everyone is old enough to really pitch in and truly help in the cleaning, but also old enough to appreciate how much more relaxed and better it goes when we all do the work with a cheerful heart! Cleaning doesn’t make me half as grumpy when I’m not dealing with anyone else’s grumpy attitudes. Cleaning was . . . almost . . . pleasant. HA!


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