Day 3: Today, I am grateful for our new “home” church.

It’s hard moving around often, and it’s especially hard for us to find the “right” home church. Every move, this has been a struggle. We try to be patient. Still, as much of our “community” and activities and friends often come from our church family (wherever we may be), adjusting feels like it takes much longer than it should. Some years we have visited ten or eleven churches (and researched countless more) before we find the “right one.”

Moving to a new country with a new language and a vastly different culture made this extra challenging this time, but we finally found Mount Carmel Presbyterian.

This church has not only welcomed us with open arms but continues to welcome us every single week even more. Every single week, someone has introduced themselves and gone out of their way to make sure we have all we need. We have had Sunday School teachers walk this American mama through WhatsApp (it’s a chat app) and add me to the class group chats, personally making sure I know of each sign-up for an activity for the girls. Someone sitting beside us in the service handed my husband their business card – in case we needed help getting adjusted to living here and if we needed help with basic things – like how to set up a local bank account. (We didn’t, but the offer itself was such a kind gesture.)

Yes, we might be the only American family in the room, and almost the only non-Asian family in the church, but we knew the very first day that we have found something very special here.


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