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Sharenet: email sharenet@att.net  Great Mass mail listing of all sorts of classes, events, etc available in the NoVA area.

Field Trips!

US Capitol Building

DC Cherry Blossom Festival

National Building Museum

Arcadia Farm

Colonial Williamsburg


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Bucks County, Pennsylvania Area Favorites – Homeschool and Field Trips and More!

If you are planning to homeschool in Pennsylvania, to me, it is almost imperative that you join HSLDA. Though things have improved recently, Pennsylvania is still one of the most regulated states in the US for homeschooling.

In my experience, homeschool is widely accepted in a positive manner in our general area. I almost always only get good comments while out and about. HOWEVER, dealing with the local superintendent and school board – not so much. Trust me, you want to have someone like HSLDA in your back pocket at all times here. I had my first (and hopefully, last) run-in with the local superintendent (and his secretary) within two weeks of moving here. I now carry my HSLDA card (and homeschool id) in my wallet at all times, and also have the contact information by my front door. Overkill? Perhaps. But I’m not taking chances in this state.

I also recommend, once an HSLDA member, using their version of the required notification forms (on their “letterhead”) exclusively when dealing with the local school board, and following HSLDA’s explicit instructions on documentation/notifications completely. While these laws and reporting structure was very stressful my first year here, their detailed help made it much more manageable.

(There are other sites that people recommend – Ask Pauline being the most popular one. I found that one to be very detailed, but a bit hard to understand.)

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Field Trips:

Glencairn Museum

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