My Father’s World Resources

Here is a repository of random links and resources I’ve used going through My Father’s World, and how they link up with the curriculum. This is my list of “supplements” I’ve found going through the curriculum.

I have a lot more and will add them here as I have time!

My Father’s World Kindergarten

MFW K YouTube Playlist
Insect Unit: Bug Hunt
Cow Unit: I Can Draw a Cow, Dairy Farm Virtual TourAll About Cows! A Dairy Farm Close-Up, How to Make Butter
Zebra Unit: Zebra Stripes
Kangaroo Unit: Baby kangaroo (joey) jumps out of pouch
Jewel Unit: Gemstone Coloring Page
Butterfly Unit: Free Butterfly Resource UnitDIY-ify: a trip to the museum,  Hermie: A Common Caterpillar 
Quail: Birds

My Father’s World First Grade
How to Play the Lyre – Story of David playing for King Saul
Snow Flakes – Science Unit

My Father’s World Adventures
US Lapbook and many other links
Free Printable Wall Maps
Road Trip USA
Freebie – American Revolutionary War Unit Study and Lapbook
Daniel Boone – YouTube Video
Daniel Boone – YouTube Video (2)
Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin
How the Cotton Gin Changed America
Samuel Morse The Telegraph
California Gold Rush of 1849
The Start of the California Gold Rush
How to Pan for Gold
On Green Pastures (for week 28- Jesus is the Good Shepherd)

Exploring Countries and Cultures
Free Printable Wall Maps
World Geography: Expedition Earth
Hero Tales Copywork (MamaJenn)
Multicultural Paper Dolls
ECC Ideas from Home-SU-Cool

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