I’m thankful for my Bible study group. I’m so very thankful that I am able to host the group in my home each week. It makes me attend whether that day has been easy or not, there is no flaking out. It makes sure my house is clean and company-ready at least one day of the week. It gives me a chance to interact with adults and have adult-type conversations. It has introduced me to some wonderful people who have supported me during rough weeks and challenged me to dig deeper and live more authentically my faith. I’m thankful for all that I’ve learned and everyone I’ve gotten to know.

This is my first attempt at a blog challenge, something you might see friends doing on Facebook – “__ days of Giving Thanks.” I thought this was a very fitting challenge to get myself back into a regular habit of blogging again. Feel free to join me, and post your own blog link in the comments below, so we can keep up with each other! Follow others that are participating HERE.