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We’ve been slacking in our homeschool work the past two weeks!

So much has been going on. My oldest was very recently diagnosed with ADHD, and part of the deal is starting “504” or “IEP” paperwork. Due to living overseas with DH’s job, we need to start a documentation trail, should we need it in the future. Last week we spent two days dealing with a psychologist in the next town over – she met with me and then the next day did “formalized testing” with our oldest. Between that and other stuff that sprang up, we only got in one “real” day of school in last week.

And on Saturday, another very important family event happened. Daddy came home for good after a year in Afghanistan!

This week was busy week as well. Hubbie and I spent Monday going back to the psychologist to get the “results” of our oldest’s testing (Guess what? We have a bright, charming, precocious, talkative girl. Yeah, tell me something I didn’t already know.) Tuesday morning both myself and our youngest woke up sick as a dog, which means we spent an entire day going to doctors. Thursday I spent the entire day wrapping presents that needed to be mailed (I don’t know why I thought that would be a small project). So very little “real schoolwork” got done this week also.

Which means instead of being just behind, we are very behind our schedule. (We have some tight time constraints due to our move.) So, we’ll be doing a lot of school work this week and next in order to catch up. Thankfully, Daddy is now home and is a great help. He has really grown this past year to be very pro-homeschool and is eager to jump in and get involved.

In MFW work these past two weeks, we’ve been working on the letter “E” and the letter “K.” We also snuck in a trip to the local little zoo, which,by the way, does not have an elephant, penguin, kangaroo, or zebra! (Actually they do have baby kangaroos, but they weren’t out on Saturday.)

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