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Today I’m so thankful for American Heritage Girls. We started our girls in a local troop this fall, and they are loving it. Even my youngest, who is insanely shy. Right now we have a Pathfinder (kindergarten) and a Tenderheart (elementary).

They love looking up to the bigger teenage girls, participating in all the activities, and strategizing  on how they can get all the badges. I love how they are learning all these different activities that I don’t have to deal with teaching now (last night the oldest was working on her fire safety badge – so happy that someone else is teaching that, as I’d be saying “See, this is what you’re not supposed to do!). I love how they are making friends, that this is helping my youngest come ever-so-slightly out of her shell, and that it’s a wonderfully supportive, caring atmosphere.

I didn’t grow up with “scouting” myself, so this is all a new experience for me. I’m so thankful that it is becoming a positive experience for them, as well!

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