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ASSIGNMENT #6: Bathrooms

I apologize for being behind in posting, but hopefully that is giving you time to stay caught up!

Today’s assignment is to bathrooms. ALL the bathrooms. Depending on how many bathrooms you have, and how much de-junking you need, this could be either a small or extensive project. Good luck, either way!

Step one is to purge. Get rid of empty packaging, old icky makeup you don’t ever wear, and anything that has expired. Make sure you have lots of garbage bags handy!  Then of course, you need to sort through everything left and organize it and put it away.

Again, this might be a good time to go get that “master grocery list” you started when working on the “food stuff” and start making lists of all your regularly used items. Especially if there are specific brands/types you like. This will make couponing/ sales shopping easier when you see a great deal on something. BUT, only buy what you will actually use! Buying three cases of shampoo only work when you like the shampoo and use it!

Be sure to take a quick glance at what you have and what you might need to get on your next trip to the grocery store. (Nothing like being down to one roll of toilet paper in the entire house, right?)

As my friend says, “lather, rinse, and repeat” as necessary. I’ve got four bathrooms (thankfully one is a guest half-bath) so I will need to get all of these done in one day! Don’t let yourself get bogged down with thinking. Nope, quick, make a decision and MOVE ON!

When you are done with your bathrooms, guess what? You’re not done yet!

If you have a supply stash, it’s time to go through your supply stash as well. Remember to purge anything that has expired. If things are close to expiring or you realize you’re not going to use them after all, put them in your “to be donated” pile! (I know of friends who donate these items to firehouses, food pantries, and women’s shelters.) And add to your master supply list, marking which you have plenty of, and which items are getting low, and could use stocking up.

Coming up next will be the master bedroom, and kids’ rooms, and extra closets!

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